PANDORUM on Amazon Prime Video

Astronauts Bower and Payton wake up from cold sleep in a spaceship called “Elysium”. They have no orientation and don’t know what their actual task is. In their attempt to gain access to the control center of the spaceship, both astronauts get further and further into the interior of the ship. In that process, they soon discover that in addition to several human corpses, other extremely aggressive creatures are also on board …

Now available on Amazon Prime Video!

14. June 2021


SERIES’ WOMEN is the first career enhancement programme for female producers in the European drama series industry.

The programme’s holistic approach offers excellent training in visibility and leadership, fosters access to industry markets and supports the building of professional networks. The broad variety of the programme elements paves the way for a significant increase in industry exposure and business opportunities for the producers and their projects.

We are happy that Sigi Kamml, producer of Syrreal Entertainment, supports this program as a mentor.

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27. Mai 2021

Free Country

Thriller “Free Country”, released in German cinemas in January 2020, will be screened at the Festival del Cinema tedesco in Rome on 26.06.21.

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19. Mai 2021

Sløborn 2

Successful series “Sløborn” is being continued. This week filming of the six-part neoriginal “Sløborn 2” has started. It’s being made on Norderney, in Berlin-Brandenburg and in Poland. The cast of the drama and catastrophe series includes again Emily Kusche, Alexander Scheer, Adrian Grünewald, Aaron Hilmer, Karla Nina Diedrich, Lea van Acken and Wotan Wilke Möhring.

22. April 2021

Half Brothers/ Halbe Brüder

In search of a secret inheritance three newly found half-brothers with completely different characters go on a journey across Germany.

Road movie with Sido, Fahri Yardim and Teddy Teclebrhan now on Netflix!

01. April 2021

ZN_Hoff:Hu?bchen_(C)M ohr_©Höhn Kopie

Ze Network

David Hasselhoff is struggling with himself and, after all these years, finally wants to shine in public again. An offer from a theater in Germany –  from East Berlin – comes just in time. Here he meets the German acting star Henry Hübchen, who is to play the second leading role alongside him in the play. But when the supposed scene theater from East Berlin turns out to be more of a contemplative theater very far east of Berlin, old star Hasselhoff begins to have more and more doubts about his decision. When he slips into an international agent conspiracy, the chaos is perfect. What has he gotten himself into? What the hell does Henry Hübchen have to do with it? And what of it is real?

12. March 2020


SLØBORN continues!

The drama and disaster series “Sløborn” continues. Season 1 told the story about the outbreak of a worldwide rampant virus and the struggle of the islanders to survive the catastrophe. In season 2 the viewers experience a world after collapse. Directed by Christian Alvart and Adolfo J. Kolmerer (Script: Arend Remmers and Christian Alvart), Wotan Wilke Möhring, Emily Kusche, Alexander Scheer, Aaron Hilmer, Adrian Grünewald and Lea van Acken will again be in front of the camera.

25. November 2020


CUT OFF on Netflix

Cut Off based on the bestseller by Sebastian Fitzek & Michael Tsokos and directed by Christian Alvart is now available on Netflix! In order to rescue his daughter, who was kidnapped by the sadist Jan Erik Sadler (Lars Eidinger), Berlin-based forensic pathologist Paul Herzfeld (Moritz Bleibtreu) follows a trail of dead bodies – one of which is on the island of Helgoland, which has been cut off from the outside world by a storm.

12. October 2020